Loan Programs

Loan Programs

SORCI HOME SOLUTIONS offers a wide variety of residential mortgage products and services. We evaluate each clients needs to see which program will meet their financial requirements. We can help you restructure an existing mortgage, buy your dream home, purchase investment property and more. Through our expert knowledge of the mortgage products that are currently available in today’s market, we provide our clients with excellent service and a promise of integrity.

We offer:

Government Mortgages

FHA Reverse Refinance mortgages FHA Reverse Purchase mortgages FHA Refinance & Streamlines FHA Purchases FHA Rehab Loans (203b) VA Veteran 100% Purchases VA Refinance and Streamline IRRL's

USDA Loans

Conventional Fixed & Arm Mortgages

Fannie Mae Freddie Mac HARP 2.0 Arms- 3/1, 5/1,7/1, 10/1 Options

Non-AgencyJumbo Loans, Non-Prime Loans & Hard Money Loans

Non-Agency Jumbo Foreign Investor Investment Loans Pledged Asset & Asset Depletion Programs Bank Statement Only Purchase Programs and More

Let us help you! Whatever your current credit or financial status may be, we have a mortgage product that will fit your situation and budget.

Would you like to eliminate your mortgage payments with a reverse mortgage? Would you like to refinance and eliminate or reduce your PMI? Do you have a high debt ratio? Are you self-employed? Are you 62 and need a little more additional monthly income? Would you like to reduce the amount of years left on your current mortgage? Are you planning for your retirement? Do you need some guidance on being a first time homebuyer? Do you need money for home improvements? Do you have a recent foreclosure, bankruptcy or shortsale?

Our mortgage experts can structure a mortgage solution for you!

To prove to you that we are dedicated to providing you with a mortgage solution that will best work for you, we make the following promises.

Contract Close Guarantee

If SHS doesn’t close your purchase loan by the contract due date for any reason, that is out of the buyer’s control then the buyer will receive a $500.00 reimbursement towards their cost!***We haven't missed a contract date yet!!***

Competitive Price Guarantee

If we can’t match or beat a competitor’s Loan Estimate provided, we will gladly give you a $500.00 towards your home appraisal or home warranty at your closing!!

VIP Pre-Approval Purchase Program

At Sorci Home Solutions we know how important it is to you to reach a final approved mortgage. For this reason we don’t leave anything to chance and you are our VIP! We don’t give you a partial pre-approval like some lenders that offer you a quick pre-approval, we don’t throw your information to the wall and hope that it sticks. Prior to issuing your VIP pre-approval, we have our management team, which has 20 plus years of experience, sign off and review your credit, income and assets to better evaluate your situation, For those unique or unsure scenarios we can have your information reviewed by an underwriter. By us taking these extra steps, you can search for your perfect home or property knowing that you don’t have to worry about any last minute problem with your mortgage prior to your closing. We use this information to match you to the best products available. The VIP Pre-Approval that we provide means you're as good as gold.

Constant Loan Updates

You will never have to worry about the status of your mortgage with Sorci Home Solutions. We will provide you with current daily updates that will leave you feeling secure knowing that you are in good hands with SHS.

Honesty, Integrity and Peace of Mind

At Sorci Home Solutions we pride ourselves on our open relationships with our clients. Unlike some lenders we do not use “teaser rates” to get you in the door and then have you pay an application and appraisal fee. Leaving you to find out later that the rate that was initially quoted doesn’t exist. We charge no upfront credit report and application fees and we don’t charge fees to buy your interest rate down unless you ask for that. Our costs are minimal and in most cases you will have a no lender fee option. We give you an honest assessment that fits your financial situation and then quote you true rates that can be locked in immediately. You can meet with an SHS consultant in person or we also provide you with a free notary service that will meet you at a location of your choice to review your initial disclosures and collect any documentation needed to complete the loan process.

Law of Reciprocity

We believe in recognizing people who are doing an amazing job. Sorci Home Solutions provides free marketing for businesses that we feel provide excellent service and great products, and you don’t have to be a client for us to promote you! Find out more about SHS affiliates.

About Sorci Home Solutions

SHS offers mortgage solutions for a variety of needs. We take advantage of wholesale markets to bring you the lowest rated in the industry.


Our mortgage experts are with you every step of the way, providing fast-turnarounds and competitive pricing all backed by our integrity, ethical values and promise of satisfaction.

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